Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1 + 1

The air is sharp and it’s a little frosty this morning, cool enough to call for that extra layer that makes a difference between feeling cold and feeling just right for the occasion of being outside. The sun is shining and the skies are clear. It’s a beautiful day.

Each new day is a gift.

Each new day will inevitably have some challenges built into it.

Each new day invites us to let go of anxiety, dwell within a mindset of simplicity, experience peace and reproduce its peacefulness.

The matter between my ears must be rather dense because these simple and uncomplicated truths are lessons that I have to continually relearn. It’s not that I forget them.

Life gets busy. Well intentioned people, often with their own well-intentioned agendas, have a way of innocently encroaching. Others aren’t so innocent when they encroach. They do it knowing what they are doing … manipulating, driving home the nails of their agendas. Unexpected tragedies and crises also have a way of factoring their effect into and onto our lives. None of us are immune to them.

One plus one.

Prayer and work.

Simple arithmetic.

Simple life-plan.

Simple. Not easy. But it always comes up with the same answer.