Sunday, February 1, 2009


One presidential administration has been replaced by another one. Some are outraged. Others are hopeful.

Multiple tens of thousands of Americans lost their job this week. Lay offs. Cut backs.

At a job fair in one Florida city 5000 people lined up in the hope of landing some sort of job.

New homes aren’t selling. As far as that goes, neither are lived in homes.

Banks and mortgage companies have been bailed out by the Fed’s to keep them from going belly up, to keep the plastic economy from melting down.

401K accounts aren’t worth what they were a year or two ago. Imaginary earned interest and a lot of principle have just simply evaporated. Imagine that. All the confidence placed in imaginary things. It's happened before but so far I haven't heard of anyone jumping off of high rise buildings.

I read the other day that the average American family spends around $170 dollars a week for groceries. That’s 8,840 bucks a year. That’s not far from 10 grand.

I don’t know where they got their information from but based on what I see in folk’s grocery carts I don’t doubt it. I suppose if they knew what we spend at the grocery store each week they’d label us as being terribly impoverished, living well below the poverty line. That’s funny. If we are all that we certainly aren’t starving ourselves to do it.

I’m not an economist nor do I take stock in what the economists are saying … good or bad. The economic picture is what it is. The “haves” may have less but they still have more than plenty enough. The “have nots” are losing what little they have, struggling more and more, missing making the payments, and just getting by until the Repo Man shows up to tow the car back to the lot. No wonder when the first 170 bucks of average paychecks goes to buy groceries.

I am, rather, more of a survivalist and in one way or another constantly whetting my skills. This, I think, is something engrained in me from my childhood having grown up as one of five children on a small poor family farm where we grew practically everything that went onto our table and into our stomach.

A few packets of seeds arrived in the mail this week: Non-GMO corn for grits and meal and a variety of heirloom pole beans. What we don't eat we'll save for seed for next year. Last spring I planted 15 pounds of potatoes. It wasn’t enough. I’m starting with 20 pounds of seed potatoes this year. Once they are in the ground I may pick up another ten pounds. Fresh home grown sustenance.

Ravens. Wingless ravens. Ravens in disguise. Ravens that bring you the means for many meals instead of dropping a loaf of contaminated bread in your lap. Sometimes my hands are dirty. Sometimes my hands are bloody. Sometimes my hands smell from cleaning fish. Ravens. Ravens nonetheless.

“It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in men. It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in princes.”[1]

[1]Psalm 118:8-9