Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beyond Feelings

There are days, plenty of them, when the least thing I feel is … how do you say … spiritual?

Most days I feel pretty common. No shiny gold nugget here. More like another dull green copper cent in a barrel full of corroded pennies. The things I do and how I feel in my workaday world are not so far removed from that of others scratching for a few specks of grain in today’s economy.

Thank God my subjective feelings and perceptions honestly do nothing to determine, define, and decree Reality. God doesn’t depend on my feelings and he’s honestly never asked me my opinion about his business. He simply asks that I walk with him in the midst of life as it is. Feelings are not an accurate indication of spirituality.

“I Am That I Am,” says God.

It rained today.

It actually started raining night before last.

But today it rained more. Mostly all day. Unbroken clouds. Low clouds. Water filled clouds. It’s still raining and supposed to rain more tonight. 5.5 inches in the gauge since it started. We needed a good rain. It’s been dry for several weeks now.

I enjoyed the rain-out from my regular work routine today, especially considering the work schedule that I’ve kept for the past couple of weeks. The rain-out gave me “time” for other important things that made a fruitful day.

Going to an early dentist appointment.

Spending some time with my aging parents where I ate lunch with them, and with my sister, albeit with a sore mouth.

Taking the truck to the mechanic down the road to find and repair a brake fluid leak.

Important stuff that’s easy to neglect, re-schedule, or put on the back burner until it’s more convenient, turns into an ache, spends its life, or totally breaks down and has to be towed.