Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Company

How does a person, or a people, undo and make right generations of injustice?

What does it take for a person, or a people, to see and honestly feel aghast at the inhumanities perpetuated by agendas of conquest and domination, regardless of their source, regardless of how right they may superficially seem, regardless of their public popularity?

When does the rape and murder of another person or people become justifiable for the sake of the preservation and perpetuation of another person or people?

* Inquisitions.
* Holy wars.
* The calculated and orchestrated repression and extinction of Native American civilizations.
* Unholy wars to protect “our” interests.

A short and very incomplete list.

Enough of a list to quickly generate a label.


Operating outside the norms of popular social acceptability.

Oh well.

If questioning the validity of things as they appear makes one a subversive, if empathizing and identifying with the unjustly wounded makes one a subversive, I suppose I will gladly wear the label and gladly be counted among the subversives over in the left hand corner.

Over on the left. Far away from popular social norms.

Come to think of it, that’s where Christ stood and still stands. Regardless of where Christianity, as the organized pluralistic religion it has become, may stand.

I like the company that I’m keeping.