Friday, March 13, 2009

Pray And Work

Every day.

A timed event.

A timely event.

Begging for attention.

Without fail the eastern sky begins to lighten. Daybreak dawns with renewed opportunity as part of a Plan that is bigger, greater, and grander than any of our peanut intellects can possibly grasp in its totality. Our best understanding will always find itself rooted in mystery.

God residing in heaven.

God residing in the hearts of people.

God at work in the world.

Some people live with shade covered eyes and cotton filled ears. Not wanting to see. Not wanting to hear. Not ambitious for anything that will rearrange and reorient their dreamful lives.

Some have, in one way or another, by one means or another, lost their dark shades and the light of God is able to strike the lenses of their eyes. They have lost the cotton in their ears and are able to hear at least some of the fine tunes broadcast from the realms of heaven and from realms deeply embedded in all that heaven has produced.

Today? Like other days.

Pray and work.

I think my prayers are becoming more and more humility filled. I note this with some reluctance because of my own innate tendency toward pride and the insidious pseudo-humility disguise that it can cloak itself in.

I work appreciatively, growing even more appreciative, considering the vast numbers of people without employment or with insufficient employment. Life is real, sometimes all too real. For a growing number of people unable to make ends meet, life is real hard and growing even harder.

I am, indeed, a fortunate soul.

The first yellow light of the sun is bathing the earth. Kiss the Son. Pray. Work. Allow God room to expand his Plan in my heart and mind.

Grant to me, Savior of Glory,
The fear of God,
The love of God,
And His affection,
And the will of God to do on earth at all times
As angels and saints do in heaven.