Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Rose

Christ taught that those who listened to him would know the truth and that truth would set them free.[1] Truth, though universal in its implications, is not easily accepted. Its very nature has a way of completely rocking our personal world.

Truth has a way of calling us to take an honest and skeptical look at things, at systems, at governments, at ways of life and agendas that pervert the truest senses of freedom by creating and maintaining enslaving environments. Truth calls for consideration, for reconsideration. It calls us to take some kind of affirmative action on the conclusions arrived at in the revelation of itself.

When the truest senses of freedom are perverted, injustice, the product of degenerated freedom, becomes an economy of acceptable human behavior. Socially approved and licensed greed, pride, and fear driven behavior. At all levels of society. Personally, nationally, and globally.

The more I unpopularly seek and question, the more Truth ferrets me out, the more I realize how I’ve been lied to by the spin doctors purporting to have good in mind, the more I realize how easy it’s been for me to believe the lies and live the lies.

I was born into blindness. It is part of my natural cultural heritage. I had no choice in the matter. In my own blindness I allowed blind leaders to lead me into a maze of sewage filled ditches where I learned to accept and appreciate the stench as though it were the fragrance of a garden of roses.

Somewhere along the way, wafting above all the human stench in the ditches, I caught a whiff of the fragrant and unmistakable scent of a rose. I sought it. When I finally found it I grasped and clutched it by its thorny stem to pluck and keep it for my own.

[1] John 8:32