Monday, March 9, 2009

The SDS Brand


We wear them whether we want to or not. They are burned indelibly onto us, into us. Some of them are markings of our own making. Some of them are forced upon us by the societies that surround us. Some brands are more insidious, marking us little by little, so we aren’t aware of them until they become conspicuous, usually to others before we are aware of them ourselves.

I’m scarred by brands that I’m not at all proud of and do my best to keep them covered, keep them secret. Cover them as I may, they are still there. They are etched into my mind as reminders, sometimes constant, sometimes occasional, of stupid choices that I’ve made in the course of my life.

I wear brands that I once boasted of but now view in a much different light. These are more difficult to cover. They have a way of bleeding through their coverings like bloody wounds soaking through a white shirt. Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it presents problems.

I do wear some brands that I am proud of and I’ve grown evermore careful of what brands I choose to wear. I’m watchful these days of loose branding irons waiting to sear my flesh and blister my backside. Oh. And there are times when I take pleasure in rending my brand covering garments just to show people that I’m really nothing more than a brand scarred freak.

The world that we live in is one big mess. I offer no apologies for thinking most of the time that its case is hopeless. Yeah. There are those moments, almost shining moments, when I start wanting to think that some overall hope for society is glimmering on a distant horizon. But the glimmering just doesn’t last. It quickly fades. One mirage is replaced by another. The real issues, those terrible Seven Deadly Sins (SDS), are sidestepped and the whole reeling mess of confusion overtakes itself with another round of the deadly seven.

There is only one Antidote possessing the potential to undo the effects of the ill created by the aforementioned seven. One. Only one. Easy answer? No.

Hard answer. Yes. Complicated by all the decimating and detracting divisions that render the Unus Voce practically null and void in the clamor and clanging of this modern world where individualism reigns as a demi-god.

It’s a hard pill to swallow answer. One dose is not the cure. It takes many doses of that one hard pill and that’s just for starters. The SDS disease is incurable and prone to flair-ups at any given moment. Its insidious nature makes it easy for SDS to disguise itself, wrap and conceal itself in garments of pseudo-righteousness that deceive its host victims.