Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Old Dinosaur

I really can’t help myself. I just happen to be one of those people that seem to be moving backwards in a number of ways. No. I’m not ready to give up my micro-wave oven or hot showers and air-conditioning or return solely to bi-pedal locomotion. I’m simply not quite that radical.

I am, however, tired of being duped. Somewhere along the way I grew weary of being simply carried along, tossed about by all the contrariness created by howling winds and crashing waves. I’ve ceased, for the most part, putting my trust in promises of security made by morally compromised contemporary modernity.

Yeah. I’ll take a chance on being labeled a cynical dinosaur. Even cynical old dinosaurs have a constitutional right to their opinion, popular though it may not be. I’m not really cynical. I prefer to think of myself as analytically critical. That has a nicer ring to it.

As an analytical critic, something that I do not charge a dime for, I happen to be of the opinion that society has no new problems. We have only old problems exacerbated by the inordinate desires and affections of these modern times, problems that affect us personally, nationally, and globally - age old problems hidden inside clouds of deceptive hype that we’re encouraged to accept and go along with as the proper moral standards for the 21st Century.

Yeah. I can see myself in the reflective mirror.

Maybe I do resemble a large lizard. But this old dinosaur needs more to graze on than the low growing emptiness created by progressive modernism.

I need the depth and ballast of objective truth that takes into consideration the long, drawn out, trial and error processes that are indelibly laid down in history, in both secular and Church history, history that reveals a lot more than equity, justice, and fairness on the part of its purveyors.

The simple truth sets people free. So said Christ.

The truth, the real truth, will also make you angry enough to refuse to continue playing the political game, personally participating in the plans of men, supporting divisive systems that serve only to advance selfish goals and ambitions that are fueled to a blazing flame by human pride and greed.

It’s amazing how insidious and deceptive these two cardinal sins are, how they so easily infiltrate even our most earnest and holiest endeavors.

Pardon me. No. I’m not preaching at you. I’m talking to my own fool self.

It was Pilate that met Christ’s testimony with the age old question that is still bantered from the lips of self-excusing mankind. “What is truth?”


This does open that old proverbial can of worms.