Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving Ahead

I hardly think any of us really know where we are going, where we will find ourselves at points future, or where we will eventually wind down and return to the earth from which we were made.

This is especially true for wanderers, for souls that see life as more of a journey, for folks like us whose life's circumstances have groomed for the meandering pathways.

There is a part of us that longs for a place to finally settle but we are hard pressed to find it, one that fits our standards rather than the mold that social structures insists that we squeeze ourselves into.

So we move on, ahead up the hill, as best we can, taking the time to look, listen, and enjoy what we see and experience.

This is where we find ourselves at such a time as this. You can, if you so desire, follow our journey up the hill of life toward a simpler and more sustainable physical lifestyle at our Possum Holler blog. Psalty Coffee picks up where Oblate Offerings leaves off. Links to these two blogs have been added to Oblate Offerings side bar.

God bless you in your journey ...

We bid you peace,

David & Shirli